Do you want to live somewhere purpose built to your needs?

We’ve found that many NDIS providers, Participants and their families are not aware of Specialised Disability Accommodation and what it means to you.

We know that information for participants is scarce and confusing, so we are reaching out to the community to help.

We are custom building “Fully Accessible” Housing for all qualified NDIS Participants. Our goal is to get Disabled People out of aged care & rest homes and into appropriate, modern housing. This will give participants the chance to take some control of their situation.

We are serious about spreading the word about Specialised Disability Accommodation, and helping you, as a participant achieve your independence dreams.

Man with disabled friend moving to new home

You’ll Learn

  • We’ll explain Specialised Disability Accommodation in easy, sensible language
  • We’ll help you understand if you’re eligible
  • We’ll show you what sort of life improvements you could expect
  • We’ll offer you information to take to your planner, or help connect you with a planner.
Are you eligible?

You could be eligible to live a brand new, purpose built home.

The NDIS could approve you to live in Specialised Disability Accommodation. You’d receive all the care & technology required as a part of your funding.

Live Event

Find out how to improve your living at our upcoming event.

Our Specialised Disability Accommodation includes..

  • Premium Finishes
  • Projector TV in the lounge
  • TV’s in every room
  • Alexa assitive device in every room
  • Voice control of many in home smart devices such as lights, Aircon & blinds*
  • Height Adjustable surfaces
  • Your own bathroom
  • Somewhere for your overnight carer to stay
  • Room for 2 or 3 friends or roommates

*Control varies by participants needs