Are your Participants SDA Approved?

Are you aware that SDA funding is available for most participants?

We are receiving numerous enquiries from Participants seeking advice on accommodation funding.

We would like to refer your organisation these participants to include & apply for SDA funding in their existing or future NDIS plans.

During our research, we discovered that many providers may have overlooked an opportunity to apply for Specialised Disability Accommodation funding on behalf of their participant.

Funded SDA Categories

Improved Livability
Fully Accessible
High Physical Support

Collaborating, we can all achieve more.

We are offering providers an ongoing financial incentive for the opportunity to place qualifying participants into our SDA.
Everybody wins, including the participant.

See below for for preliminary funding information.

Source – PB XDA Benchmark Price Calculator – Correct as at 23/07/2019. See current Government Payment Benchmark

Collaboration & Referrals
We firmly believe that strong relationships via strategic partnerships are the best way for all stakeholders in the NDIS community to get the best outcome possible for all participants.

We are serious about giving back to the community, and we’re determined to make the NDIS the main driver in our business.
Our partner program allows us to pay you an ongoing financial contribution to help pay for any shortfall in funded hours, or anything else that is deemed suitable by you, the provider.