You’re Invited!

We are helping Participants move into their new SDA homes, where they can live with dignity, respect, and as much independence as possible.

Bargara Beach House 
Specialised Disability Accommodation Opening

Unit 1 features a split use, fully accessible, large 3-bedroom half duplex, built to the latest LHG SDA standards.

Unit 2 is a smaller 2-bedroom home, built to the improved liveability specification. 

30 January, from 2PM

Join us for coffee & refreshments

Fully furnished with TV in all bedrooms, it’s ready to go. We also welcome short stay and SIL participants – the owners will do whatever they can to work with all involved so that Participants can start living in this beautiful SDA home.      

We are open to any modification that would help the property meet a participants requirement in either unit.

We also enjoy assisting carers and family members in regaining their freedom, assured that their family member is well looked after.

Investors, Providers, Participants and their families are all invited to our first look tour of this home, before it’s opened to Participants to move in.